The Master of Learning Technologies (MTA) is part of the National Register of Graduate Studies of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) for their quality. Its program meets the highest demands of the labor market in the application of technologies for education. At MTA the knowledge is significant to make sense in your everyday life. Our team of tutors and facilitators is always around you to propel and support.

Our technology infrastructure includes a laboratory of audiovisual and multimedia production, where you will receive instruction and support to create educational materials, a unified virtual environment in which classes receive academic advising, personal counseling and find a meeting place with your classmates, teachers and the coordination of the program.

The program is aimed at five types of professionals working in this technologies: managers, instructional designers, teachers and professionals in high school.

 It covers two areas of the professional acting: formal education and business training, in blended learning, enriched face to face and fully online education.