Permanent Tutoring


It seeks a permanent accompaniment from PTC’s to the students throughout their academic stay in the MTA.



The student in the learning process must develop strategies that lead to self-directed learning, in which the processes of metacognition, learning to learn, learn to take, learning to be, among others, become involved in programs academics, this reference point where the student is the central actor in the training process based on self-conscious.


Mentoring as a modality within the educational frame work, not a substitute at any time teaching practice or self-management of the student's attitude, if not the supplemented and enriched their own area. Mentoring is an important reinforcement of comprehensive support programs to students, which are inserted in the academic field, psychology and human development among others, it arises from a personal and individual context where the tutor-teacher faculty-, maintains close contact with the tutor throughout their transit through the graduate program.



Support tools to ensure the Tutorial Project


1-Make interviews at the beginning and application of psychometric tests to detect skills and areas of opportunity, high potential candidates.
2-Develop resources to support teaching and educational psychology.
3-Detect learning styles of students to enrich their education. (tests to determine styles)
4-Multiple Intelligences. (types of intelligence)
5-Seven intelligences
6-Application of test to detect cerebral laterality, strengths, among others.
7-Development and creation of study groups and to encourage independent learning skills in students.
8-Creating self-taught and working classes and continuing education.
9-Mock teamwork and leadership skills.
10-Redesign of the website providing access to students for psychological and pedagogical support.
11-Individual and group tutorials where you work: time management, stress coping skills, dynamics of family-level support, labor and academic training in neurofeedback, etc.)
12-Experiential courses and workshops with support from other institutions with which agreements are made.
13-Memory training. Tool support for developing different types of memory and develop students' study strategies.