Currently, this program has five orientations, derived from the most important needs of the labor market in education and technology, namely:


  • Management guidance in virtual learning environments, developing management skills, management and administration, all management-oriented to educational programs that are taught in distance and online analyzed from a holistic perspective that includes all the elements needed to implement such as human resources, technological, financial, etc..
  • Guidance instructional design, which includes the study of issues related to instructional design and development in technologist skills as educational and administrative applications.
  • Orientation innovative teaching, which refers to topics related to the new role assumed by teachers in virtual learning environments, developing skills as a facilitator and virtual tutor.
  • Orientation on investigation, which raises the reflection and deepening of knowledge regarding how the new ICTs have transformed the economic and social roles we are doing to move towards the so-called information society and knowledge, through skills development for: national search for documents, development of appropriate processes of problems, the analysis of equivalent products in the literature, the approach of the state in matters and its interpretations, the definition of the object, academic writing, and in general the appropriate choice qualitative and quantitative methodologies for research.
  • Orientation in high school teaching . This output aims to meet the growing demand for especialized and innovative young student's attention to high school level due to biological, psychological and social process that face in this stage of life and require special handling by teachers, through the development of intellectual and methodological skills, mastery of the objectives and content of high school and training of specific values for the level.