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Global Village

Currently, the MTA curriculum includes in its study planner a component of internationalization that provides students the experience of mobility to enrich the training of their students, share and create knowledge with counterparts in other latitudes.

International Credits


Movilidad virtual internacional


To successfully complete the program and cover all the credits that make up the MTA, it requires 6 credits in any curses international educational institution.




For the credits are valued in the MTA's (or the) matter (s) you study should be related to areas of knowledge specific to the MTA, plus it should make sure that the institution will receive, we extend proof of qualifications (a document signed by the relevant academic authority certifying that completed the (or) matter (s) respectively).


It is important to be aware that it is your responsibility to carry out your paperwork in time to reach you meet your credit and get your degree in this day and mark your academic career.



There are two ways to achieve these credits:

Online Credits
It consists in studying your internationalization credits in Mexico through online courses.
Academic Exchange
It consists in studying your internationalization credits in other country.



Online Credits

This method involves in taking your credits from anywhere via Internet. To organize your credits online to have the option to study at one of the following universities:

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Through the Ateneo program, you can take courses isolated from any program. View more Information


Universidad de Columbia Británica (Canadá)
PYou can choose any of the courses available in the 2009 academic year. View more Information


Universidad de Nuevo México (USA)
Choose 3 credit courses online of this university. View more Information.


Each of these Universities handles a different price per credit, remember it is your responsibility to make your payments on time and manage your proof of grades to the university where you study.


Academic Exchange

This method requires you to travel to the city where the University will study your credits in a classroom to study subjects you have chosen. Credits curses at any university inagreement with the University of Guadalajara are free.

International Universities with Agreements

  • Have an interest in learning about other cultures and live in another city for a semester or a year.
  • Being a regular student at the University of Guadalajara.
  • Having 40% of the credits of the race.
  • Mastering and check the language required by the target institution.
  • Having financial resources before and during the exchange.


NOTE: You can use this time to make a research visit that contributes to your thesis.



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