Graduate Profile

The graduate profile in Masters of Learning Technology will develop the following basic competitions according to the orientation is looking for:



Includes as basic competence the directions, management in the education and training helped in ICT.
The specific competitions are listed in three areas:


Directive skills:

Manage and taking political decisions in the area
Plan the institutional strategies in this area through the planner abilities, implementation and evaluation. 

Orient their decision according to the norms of education, and the main public politics in this area.
Design and integrate organized systems in the area.
Call, select, motivate and lead the proper human resources in this work ambit
Manage the change in the institutions, especially in the ones that transit from face to face to the virtual environment.

Manage skills:

Properly advertise their programs through market research, campaigns, feedback, etc..
Managing projects and programs that meet the regulatory and institutional requirements, with a view to certification.
Plan, implement and evaluate programs and projects in the area.

Management competencies:
Managing courses, projects and programs in areas like school management, distribution of materials, student services, test application, revalidation, among others.



Includes as basic skills teaching with ICT support.

The specific skills are in two areas:

Teaching in the virtual mode:
Plan the delivery education in innovative ways.
Facilitate learning processes in classroom environments rich, mixed or virtual.
Provide content through the use of multimedia materials.
Pose and design processes of teacher education.
To evaluate the learning processes in distance education and online.

Competencies as Teacher:
Provide academic guidance and studies.
Supporting the academic route choice.
Tutor processes such as general support to the student.

Instructional Design


Generate processes of innovative transformation.
Improve the academic processes using theoretical resources, methodologies and informative tools.

Specific Skills:

Instructional Design Related Skills:
Make educational design of programs, courses and/or subjects.
Design educational environments and communities, including tools and materials.
Create virtual educational resources.
Design teaching-learning processes based on ICT.
Evaluate the most appropriate technology for each application.

Competences as technologist in educational applications:
Redesign platforms and technologic-educative environments.
Select technology as educational functions.
Organize technology resources and support services.
Use technology to operational level.
Edit materials in their applications and graphic design.


Competences as technologist of educational management:
Use and create databases of library resources and services.
Maintain technological equipment.
Develop "demos", manuals, and train and advise on the operational use of technology.
Attend the needs and issues of technology users.